Car Free Fridays

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Zero Carbon Harrogate
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Car Free Fridays

Car drivers across the Harrogate District will be leaving their car at home on Fridays. Instead they will be walking, cycling or using public transport, as part of a community effort to reduce our district’s carbon emissions.

Some may feel it impossible to leave the car at home completely at first - but remember that driving less distance, and walking the last part to your destination, all still helps lower the carbon footprint of your journey. We call this ‘park and stride’ - every mile counts!

Transport is the largest source of our emissions here in the Harrogate District, making up 49% of our total emissions, and is 28% above the national average. Therefore, as a community, we need to tackle this key area.

Reducing cars on our roads also has the added benefit of improving air quality and reducing traffic congestion, and active travel such as cycling and walking is great for our health and mental wellbeing. Good for us, and good for the planet.

This event is being organised by Zero Carbon Harrogate, a local charity, and Friday 8th October will be the launch day of a regular weekly campaign, to help our community build better transport habits.

Zero Carbon Harrogate

About Zero Carbon Harrogate

We are a charity dedicated to helping the Harrogate District achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030.
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