Demand that the destruction of Wigan Town Centre is Stopped

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Demand that the destruction of Wigan Town Centre is Stopped
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The plan for the Wigan Town Centre development has been developed by people who don't live here and intends to demolish our heritage and replace it with concrete.

The ideas in the plan have not been developed by the people and are based on out of date and dubious consultation.  (More of a con and an insult to our intelligence)

The Council is making it difficult for people to comment on the plan - the system used is not fit for purpose and overly complicated - so we need to get our voices heard this way.

Whilst the consultation officially closed on the 19th July 2021 because the Council portal is not fit for purpose all comments will be considered until Autumn.  Given the difficulty in expressing our views lets send a message to Wigan Council.  We will not be silenced.  Act now. Sign Now 

We are pro development.  It's needed.  We want to see a rethink and a plan developed with the People of Wigan

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Daniel M signed this petition
“Wigan town centre should not be destroyed.”
KEITH C signed this petition
“This council is renowned for wasting money, time we replaced this council”
Paul G signed this petition
“Its a real shambles, the town centre is a joke these days, needs cleaning up to bring the people back in to the town rather than destruction”
Karen O signed this petition
“Not good”
Diane H signed this petition
on Demand that the destruction of Wigan Town Centre is Stopped
Phil G signed this petition
“It's total madness to consider knocking the existing structure down, consider it should definitely be redeveloped instead”
Gareth H signed this petition
on Demand that the destruction of Wigan Town Centre is Stopped
julie r signed this petition
“Must maintain and restore architectural heritage whilst developing a comminity for all, We do not want to become another liverpool one”
Lisa S signed this petition
“Why cant they just update the interior of the building rather than knock the attractive outer building.”
Anthony W signed this petition
“It is a scandal.”
Carole W signed this petition
“I think it's a disgrace and complete waste of money and don't see why the existing structure can't be redeveloped.”
Alan S signed this petition
“Crazy idea.”
Derek S signed this petition
“The Galleries is an architectural abomination and has no reason to continue to exist in its current form.
I genuinely don't understand why so many people are so desperate to preserve a memory of a town centre the never existed. Wigan was filthy as I was growing up and very little has changed.
People point to The Grand Arcade as proof of the council wasting money without thinking about the people of Wigan...the very people who refuse to take the time to understand that The Grand Arcade is an entirely privately owned venture that was not paid for by the council. The Grand Arcade has clearly cleaned up what was otherwise a defunct, desolate, filthy, unused side street in the town centre and turned it into something that is far more pleasant and accessible.
It's a shame about the closing of its flagship store, Debenhams, but that appears to be a clear indication of future trading.
Everyone who has purchased from Amazon or any other online retailer has played a part in the failure of the Galleries and as such, you have no right to complain.
The plan to redevelop makes far more sense. The council aims to provide a mix of services and entertainment that cannot be accessed online and thus creating actual retail potential.
The Galleries has no links to Wigan's past. It was ugly and awful when it opened in the 80s and nothing has happened to change that over the past 30 years.
I for one will be glad to see it go.”
Margaret M signed and offered support
“I favour development but by using the existing structures. The Galleries are a rare example of town planning that had vision and thought for those who were to use them. The proposal sounds like a get rich quick scheme for someone who doesn’t give a jot about the citizens of Wigan”
James M signed and offered support
“I object to the demolition of the galleries and instead I think it should be repurposed for the benefit of the tone or failing that mothballed until the economic climate improves”
Shelley S signed this petition
“It’s important to develop and attract business to get back the soul of a town but equally important is to keep the structure/ esthetic of what Wigan was and is about.”
Stuart J signed this petition
“To many buildings with history and brilliant architecture that puts modern buildings to shame, have already disappeared from Wigan, it's a crime to let any more history vanish, it's as if Wigan council are ashamed of our heritage. You don't see any building destroyed in conservation areas. Why can't our town be a conservation area and be proud of our heritage.”
Rachel J signed this petition
on Demand that the destruction of Wigan Town Centre is Stopped
Hannah C signed this petition
“I’m really concerned by the proposals, especially since we have a number of listed buildings in need of urgent repair in the borough. We have a number of wonderful old buildings that could be better used. The last thing we need is more glass and concrete. I would love to see the town centre restored to its former glory and be a centre for everyone. No gentrification please! The proposals should be put forward for more public consultation and scrutiny and I don’t believe that has been done. Our town centre needs saving not destroying with concepts and designs we haven’t asked for.”
Charlene T signed and offered support
Administration & Sales Manager
“No consultation with the people it concerns & no thought to regeneration ie Warrington Food Hall / Altrincham High St of an existing area just destruction of a perfectly good area that could be utilised without so much upheaval”
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Rachael S has helped recruit 8 more signatures so far!
“Abhorrent. Wigan is a historical town and always will be and need not be changed or renamed it's an absolute nonsense you should be ashamed of yourselves”
john u has helped recruit 6 more signatures so far!
“Totally opposed to any further destruction of our towns history and heritage.m This council have no spiritual links to the town. They should take their grandiose schemes that benefit nobody but themselves elsewhere.”
Claire W has helped recruit 6 more signatures and 2 more supporters so far!
on Demand that the destruction of Wigan Town Centre is Stopped
Brian E has helped recruit 5 more signatures so far!
“Disgraceful behaviour from Wigan council, shame on you destroying our town centre”
Paul G has helped recruit 5 more signatures so far!
“Stop the demolition of wigan town centre & our heritage”
Danielle J has helped recruit 4 more signatures so far!
“So many businesses are fighting for their livelihoods and the council are just after making as much money as possible. They aren’t interested in saving Wigan town centre and Wigan market and have been letting it slide for years.”
Nicola M has helped recruit 4 more signatures so far!
“I have never been consulted on these plans & if it wasn’t for this group (not the council) I would not have know that they plan to demolish the centre. Huge hypocrisy when Greater Manchester are preaching about green zones. I expect all activities to be stopped immediately & public consultation take place with clear, transparent details & not leading questions.”
Danny C has helped recruit 4 more signatures so far!
“Needs to be stopped”
Emma O has helped recruit 3 more signatures so far!
on Demand that the destruction of Wigan Town Centre is Stopped
Rachelle S has helped recruit 3 more signatures so far!
on Demand that the destruction of Wigan Town Centre is Stopped