Opposition Leaders: Do a deal to win in Chesham & Amersham, and Batley & Spen by-elections

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Chilterns4ProgressiveAlliance is asking Leaders of Labour Party, Liberal Democrats & The Green Party
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Do you feel your vote is always wasted? That your views are never represented?

Join us in calling upon opposition party leaders - Keir Starmer (Labour), Ed Davey (Liberal Democrat), Sian Berry (Green) and Jonathan Bartley (Green) - to reach an agreement in Chesham & Amersham, and Batley & Spen by-elections. To get behind a single opposition candidate. And start a new, progressive, cooperative approach to politics across this country.

Help Rescue our Democracy from an Over-Dominant, Unaccountable Conservative Government

Make no mistake, our democracy is under threat. Changes to how we vote, where we vote, the quality of information helping us exercise our voice, and how we can hold our government to account are degrading our democracy. The 2020 World Justice Rule of Law Index shows the UK’s overall rule of law score is in decline.

Our opposition parties must take urgent action to reverse this. The by-elections in Chesham & Amersham, and Batley & Spen provide an immediate opportunity to change our politics for a better future.

We are the progressive majority. We must show the Opposition party leaders that:

  1. There is strong public support for single candidates to oppose Conservative candidates
  2. Our voices must be heard and our votes must count
  3. We want a fairer voting system

We have had enough of our lop-sided democracy. We want to stop all power going to an unaccountable party representing only a small section of the electorate, despite the majority of voters having backed other parties.

Reciprocal agreements between two constituences in by-elections are a start. After the by-elections, we call for a full Democratic Alliance - a temporary Agreement by the opposition parties to win power, for the purpose of restoring our democracy.

An Agreement Between the Opposition Parties Can Give the Majority a Voice

Too often, the opposition parties split the moderate, progressive vote, handing power to the Conservative party.

Why does this keep happening?

  • Our First Past the Post voting system means that the only voters who matter are those who vote for the winner in any election. All other votes, many millions of them, are wasted.
  • Nowhere was this more clearly demonstrated than in the 2019 election. 43.6% voted for a Conservative government, handing them 56.2% of seats and an unassailable 80-seat majority.
  • Disunited opposition parties gave power away again in recent local government elections. Time and again, votes for the opposition parties outnumbered those for the Conservative party – yet the Conservatives won the seats, and took control of the councils.
  • The Conservatives will keep getting more than their fair share of seats until our opposition leaders start to work together – and then to win together

A Healthy Democracy needs a Fair Voting System

We need to make our voting system fairer, so that everyone’s vote matters. Until then, Opposition parties must reach their own agreements to oppose Conservative candidates on an election-by-election basis. Right now, the Conservatives seem set to win the by-election in Chesham & Amersham, and have a very good chance of winning Batley & Spen too.

By working together, the Opposition parties could hold both seats.

Chesham & Amersham, and Batley & Spen By-Elections are a Key Test

The by-elections are coming up fast. But it is never too late for party leaders to take action.

Party leaders must join forces to:

  1. Come to an agreement to stand a single candidate in Chesham & Amersham
  2. Come to a similar agreement to stand a single candidate in Batley & Spen
  3. Before the next General Election come to a wide-ranging formal Democratic Alliance to stand a single Opposition candidate in every constituency across the four nations.

What You Can Do

Together, let’s put the spotlight on Chesham & Amersham, and Batley & Spen

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  2. Share this petition with your networks
  3. Form or join a local group for a Democratic Alliance

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Campaigning for party cooperation in Chesham & Amersham, and Batley & Spen by-elections. And a Democratic Alliance covering the four nations, ahead of the next General Election
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