EU Citizenship is a Permanent Status

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EU Citizenship is a Permanent Status

On 31 January 2020, the UK left the EU. The politicians and others who forced this undemocratic change on the 60% of us who wish to stay in the EU claim that leaving the EU could result in our EU Citizenship and Rights being snatched away - although the legal guidance we have so far received suggests that nobody has the legal power to remove our EU Citizenship and associated Rights.

If you are determined to retain your EU Citizenship, then you have an opportunity to register your intention here. This is a non-binding poll, rather like the 2016 UK EU Referendum. One key difference however is that we believe it was both profoundly undemocratic, and also very wrong to artificially and deliberately restrict the franchise in the way that was done by the 2015 UK Referendum Act - therefore all Citizens who have access to the internet can record their wishes by simply registering them here. This site was created partly because, although we tried, we were not able to have the European Parliament put a similar poll up on their website. We hope that everyone who intends to retain their EU Citizenship and Rights will sign here:

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