Show some love to the cast of heartstopper and try to encourage another season

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Show some love to the cast of heartstopper and try to encourage another season

Please share to every available social media platform you use! The more support we can get for this the better.

If you want to help spread the word and you feel like the cast deserves as much praise as possible, and you want to help us encourage more seasons, please like and follow the¬†Heartstopper petition Instagram page, share posts to your stories and encourage people to sign the petition from the link in the bio, make it pretty, add music and make it a celebration‚Äč

Heartstopper has introduced the world to the first ever LGBT+ program that is genuinely heartfelt, beautifully acted and written. This is a series that has been long overdue which now has the potential to help and influence teens and young adults feel comfortable in accepting there own sexuality and finding their place in the world we live in. Watching this series also gives people something comforting and relatable to watch and we just love it. With the spate of cancellations on Netflix recently I genuinely believe that we need to show as much support to keep this series going for a few more seasons at least, and to allow the amazing young actors in this series to showcase there amazing talents to the world and help them shape there careers going forward!

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