Keep The Big Drum Open in Canterbury!

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The Big Drum
The Big Drum is asking Canterbury City Council
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Keep The Big Drum Open in Canterbury!

Help us keep The Big Drum in Canterbury!

The Big Drum has to close its current location, with no dedicated space in the city centre for them to move to. There is no other organisation like The Big Drum in Canterbury, and we need to make sure they continue to have a home here where they can continue to build their roots and grow into a staple of the city.

We appreciate the council letting The Big Drum occupy its office space from July 2021-October 2022, but now they are having to move with no onward location secured.

Please sign this petition to continue to support The Big Drum and to see the council help it relocate in Canterbury as soon as possible.

About The Big Drum

The Big Drum has been bringing healing to the High Street since July 2021. Based on the universal principles of yoga and meditation, their charitable mission is to provide a city centre sanctuary that provides healthy and affordable food, coffee, and events.  

Their delicious no-landfill veggie cafe diverts tonnes of food away from landfill each year and cooks it into healthy & affordable meals for everyone. They have saved 3,482kg of food since opening a year ago, which is the equivalent of 8,290 meals. 

As well as working with the local food banks and homeless charities, they have opened a free “community love fridge and freezer”, which supplies healthy, frozen meals for their community to take home. This is the first of its kind in the Canterbury city centre. This is only a fraction of the charitable work they do in Canterbury.

The Big Drum

About The Big Drum

Combining café culture with yoga, meditation & devastatingly good food, The Big Drum is a pioneering Community Interest Company that's bringing healing to the high street.
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