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The council are holding a meeting on Tuesday 5th April at Bitton House at 6pm. For those that can make it please come along, we plan to hold a silent protest by standing and turning our backs to the council in response to them not listening to us. Please please come along and support us. Thank you 

On 1st April 2022, Teignmouth Town Council will start charging people to park in the car parks around Bitton House, these car parks are mainly used by residents when parking on the roads outside their home isn't possible. The introduction of pay-and-display parking covering a 24 hour time period will disproportionately affect local residents more than any other group. The changes are being introduced with little thought to the wider impact and the key issues raised. These changes will limit the free parking available and visitors will simply park in the other free areas further reducing parking for residents. Finally it will also financially impact local resident further at a time where the costs of living are already spiraling.

Signing this petition will allow us all to unite our thoughts and combine our voices in to one the council can not ignore.

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This campaign is being run by Clare Barber.
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