Let the public vote on the future of the monarchy

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Let the public vote on the future of the monarchy

Charles is king. No debate, no legitimacy, no questions asked. 

It's time for a public vote on the future of the monarchy.

Another Windsor, another unelected head of state who has inherited power and privilege - and a vast fortune built on the back of empire and slavery - cannot represent the people of Britain. An outdated, pointless coronation that will cost tens of millions of pounds of taxpayers' money during a cost of living crisis does not serve the people of Britain. 

  • The monarchy goes against our society's values and principles
  • The monarchy is secretive and abuses its privileges and public money
  • The monarchy is bad for our democracy.
  • It's time the monarchy was abolished.

Record numbers of ordinary people are against this automatic succession. Over the last five years support for the monarchy has fallen from 75% to 60%. A quarter of the country want the monarchy abolished. Most people under 35 want the monarchy abolished and support for the monarchy in Scotland has dropped below 50%. Some polls have put support down as low as 55% with 35% against.

It's time for the people to decide what kind of future we want.

It's time for us to decide what values we want represented on the world stage.

It's time for a public vote on the future of the monarchy.

With the coronation of Charles in May, this is the moment to have a serious conversation about the future of this country.​

​Add your name to the call for a public vote on the future of the monarchy.​


About Republic

Republic is a membership-based pressure group campaigning for the abolition of the monarchy and its replacement with a directly elected head of state.
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