Tell Labour to prioritise Proportional Representation

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Tell Labour to prioritise Proportional Representation

Labour's First 100 Days in Power: Commit to PR

As the likely next government, Labour has a historic opportunity to modernise UK democracy and rebuild trust in politics. We call on Labour to make a public commitment within their first 100 days in office to implement Proportional Representation (PR). Doing so will demonstrate their support for a modern democracy that works for everyone, not just the rich and powerful.

Why Proportional Representation Matters:

  • Fair Representation: PR ensures each vote meaningfully influences election outcomes, truly reflecting the electorate's will.​
  • Increased Voter Turnout: Countries with PR typically see higher participation rates, especially among younger voters.​
  • Accurate Parliamentary Representation: PR aligns parliamentary seats more closely with the actual vote share, avoiding skewed results like in the 2019 UK election.​
  • Global Standard: Over 85% of OECD countries use PR, highlighting a worldwide trend towards equitable governance.​
  • Enhanced Societal Well-being: Nations with PR generally exhibit lower inequality, better social welfare, and stronger environmental policies.​
  • Eliminates Tactical Voting: PR addresses the issue of voters feeling compelled to vote against their preferences to avoid undesirable outcomes.

In 1928, the Conservative government fundamentally reformed democracy by granting all women the right to vote. With an early commitment to PR, Labour can make 2028 – the centenary of that great reform – the dawn of a new political era with a democracy that works for everyone.

Demand Labour makes PR a priority  – sign the petition!

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