Prime Minister, Apologise To Grieving Families Now

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Covid 19 Bereaved Families For Justice UK
Covid 19 Bereaved Families For Justice UK is asking Boris Johnson, Prime Minister
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Prime Minister, apologise for the hurt you have caused grieving families: 

The Prime Minister’s reported comment that he would rather see ‘the bodies piled high in their thousands’ than instigate a 3rd lockdown have hurt hundreds of thousands of people who have lost a loved one to Covid-19.

Our loved ones were not ‘bodies to be piled high’. 

They were mothers, fathers, siblings, children and partners. Each death represents untold loss and suffering. 

We are asking for 

  1. A full apology to be issued to bereaved families immediately 
  2. For Boris to walk the wall and meet with members of the bereaved families group
  3. For a full statutory public inquiry into the  Government’s handling of the pandemic 

Bereaved families deserve an apology from the Prime Minister. Not only were his alleged comments cruel, they were irresponsible. 

The Prime Minister’s attitudes set the tone for how the bereaved are treated in the UK. 

Ultimately, the best apology would be an independent, judge-led public inquiry into the handling of the pandemic and invest in bereavement counselling to help address all the hurt & pain caused by these kinds of statements. 

Only an inquiry of this kind can ensure that lessons are learned in time to prevent future avoidable deaths, and family members deserve to be informed of the decisions that shaped the pandemic response through official channels, not through Westminster gossip. 

We urge the Prime Minister to visit the National Covid Memorial to #WalktheWall to help him understand the visual scale of what thousands of lost lives look like. 

Sign here to ask the Prime Minister to apologise for his callous comments and to ask him to walk the National Covid Memorial Wall.

Covid 19 Bereaved Families For Justice UK

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Campaigning for a judge-led, statutory inquiry into the handling of the pandemic, for the purpose of learning lessons and saving lives.
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