Protect our Farmers and Food Standards Now!

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Save British Farming & Open Britain
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Protect our Farmers and Food Standards Now!

Support British Farming, Food Standards and Food Security in Britain Before It’s Too Late!

Urgent Call for Action: Protect Our Farmers and Food Standards Now!

UK farmers face unprecedented challenges that threaten the very fabric of our agricultural industry and food security. From the disastrous Brexit trade deals causing a flood of substandard imports and the imposition of tariffs and regulatory barriers that disrupt our cherished tradition of free and frictionless trade with the EU, to a severe labour shortage that undermines our capacity to produce, the stakes have never been higher. This, and the ongoing repercussions of the Ukraine War and COVID-19 pandemic, has pushed our farmers and food security into crisis.

Save British Farming has been vocal and active, from orchestrating tractor protests to raise awareness, to engaging the public and policymakers about the importance of supporting UK agriculture. Now, more than ever, we and our campaign partner Open Britain need you to add your voice to ours in demanding action from the government to:

  • Ensure fair trade and protect standards: The government must negotiate trade deals that preserve our high standards of food safety, animal welfare, and environmental protection, preventing the influx of lower-quality imports that undermine UK farming.
  • Stop the dishonest labelling of food: Current labelling deceives consumers and undermines British food. That must stop now!
  • Address the shortage of labour: Immediate measures are needed to alleviate the labour shortages faced by the agricultural sector, ensuring that UK farming remains viable and competitive.
  • Provide adequate funding and support: With the loss of EU funding, the government must step up to offer financial support and incentives to help farmers transition, adapt, and thrive in a post-Brexit landscape.
  • Promote sustainability and innovation: Investing in research, development, and the adoption of modern farming techniques to enhance productivity, sustainability, and resilience against climate change.

Your Voice Matters: Stand with UK Farmers!

By signing this petition, you're not just supporting British farmers; you're advocating for the quality, safety, and sustainability of the food on your table. You're helping to ensure that British farming has a thriving future, capable of facing the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Act Now: For the Sake of Our Farmers, Our Food, and Our Future

Save British Farming and Open Britain believe in the power of collective action. Together, we can safeguard British farming standards, support our farmers through these turbulent times, and ensure the resilience of our food supply chain.

Sign the petition today and make your voice heard!

Save British Farming & Open Britain

About Save British Farming & Open Britain

A joint campaign, led by Save British Farming in partnership with Open Britain.
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