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Sign now to reduce the impact of Black Friday sale items and pledge to focus on building positive relationships with yourself and the planet.

What does this mean? 

1)An active boycott of Black Friday sales items from brands that do not support good values and products that we simply do not need.

2) Commitment to move away from frivolous buying or compulsive spending, while actively making a move towards giving and investing in things that really matter and make life more fulfilling.

3) Committing to making informed decisions with our purchases, choosing quality over quantity and taking time out to learn the impact of the products we buy and the companies we support (more information on how to be impactful with you purchases on our Instagram @huriahhemp).


Join us as we boycott unethical trade during Black Friday. We want to raise awareness of the harmful impacts of Black Friday while supporting positive alternatives. We want to encourage people to make informed decisions around money and where their purchases are going.

Each year, more and more customers and businesses acknowledge the negative impacts of what has become the ‘biggest sales day’ of the year in many countries.

A large point made from last years event was the conversation around fast fashion brands offering dresses for 8p! Indicating these brands do not have much respect for workers rights and wages if they can afford to let go of products this cheap. Not only this, psychologically purchasing products dirt cheap can make us less appreciative and more willing to let them go to waste. This mindset becomes increasingly harmful when consumers believe not much effort or resource has gone into making the product. 

We are taking action against Black Friday by closing our store on the 26th November and we urge other likeminded businesses to also take action in their own way. 

Looking for something else to do? On Friday 26th November, we will be running an up-cycling workshop raising money for environmental charities in London that the public can attend. Participate in jazzing up your old t-shirts and learning some neat and crafty skills. We will be offering screen printing and other activities (Further details TBC, follow our social media for further updates).

Annually, millions of people feel pressured to buy something on Black Friday, making pointless purchases that they don’t necessarily need and producing an enormous amount of waste.

Let’s be a part of an annual movement to go Green and join Green Friday in focusing on investing in worthwhile causes and building healthy habits that add value to the world around us.

The financial impacts of Covid-19 are still being faced by millions of people across the United Kingdom, leaving more people vulnerable to the discounts and sales on Black Friday. We can choose better on Green Friday: we choose to get outside in nature, to spend time with friends and family, to do something to support our local community, to get active and focus on mindfulness and meditation and to take time to create something - this could be at our workshop on 26th November or join us live from home on our Instagram and TikTok.

On Green Friday, we challenge the hard-core consumerism that is exemplified on Black Friday and we take a step back to what really matters: us as individuals, our family and friends, our community and our planet. 

Green means go! Join the movement and spread the word!

If you feel inspired to do something, however big or small, in support of this holistic movement, please spread the word today and sign up to reduce the impact of Black Friday! Have a look at our blog post to find out more on boycotting Black Friday: https://www.huriahhemp.com/post/black-friday-a-bigger-consumerist-holiday-than-christmas

Let’s Boycott Black Friday and go GREEN Friday!

Huriah Hemp CIC

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Huriah is an ethical fashion brand using creative design to empower young leaders & inspire social change. We are advocates for carbon negative & circular fashion.
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