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Kenmore Action is asking We are petitioning against the owners of Kenmore Post Office
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Save Kenmore Post Office

You maybe aware that the Kenmore Post Office and Shop are, at present, closed. 

The current owners of the premises have decided, without notice nor consultation, to close the Business.

It is believed that an application for Change of Use will be lodged at Perth and Kinross Council Planning Department and the intended use for the Building will be as a Holiday Home or Private Accomodation.

Kenmore Post Office and Shop has many happy memories for the residents of Kenmore and surrounding  districts. It has always been a place for people to meet and gather as well as serving us as a Post Office.

We do not want to loose this valuable asset to our community and invite you to sign, in the fist instance, this petition to have the premises re-opened whilst negotiations and plans can be made for the future of Business.

We will be writing a Cover Letter to object to Change of Use for the Building. If anyone would like a copy of this letter to sign to send to the Council please email [email protected]

With enough signatures we should be able to, if not save the Post Office, at least stop the Change of Use.

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