End the Social Care Crisis: #ShowUsAPlanBoris !

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Guideposts Trust is asking Boris Johnson and the UK Government
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End the Social Care Crisis: #ShowUsAPlanBoris !

If you feel let down by the government's recent announcements on social care, please join us in demanding a real solution to the social care crisis.

The morning after Boris was elected he stood outside number 10 and promised to "Fix the crisis in social care once and for all”

After 2 years of waiting what has been launched is a new tax which will not be fully spent on Social care. Those that work in the Social Care sector have no confidence that this will fix anything now, let alone in the future.

For millions of people in the UK a lack of a real social care system is a painful daily struggle, so we are left asking #ShowUsAPlanBoris

There is no clear plan about how charities across the UK will be supported in working with Adults with learning disabilities and autism, People with Dementia, People with Mental health conditions and those that care for all of these groups. 

Regarding the tax increases the BMJ reported that "Only £5.6bn of the forecast £36bn extra revenue over three years was promised for social care—only a sixth of the money. That amounts to £1.8bn a year, which falls short of the Health Foundation’s estimate of £6bn a year needed to tackle the current gap in social care funding." ​

Working on the front line, we can see first-hand what the impact of austerity measures, covid and ongoing cuts to service funding is having on the most disadvantaged in society.

We believe that any real Social Care plan must include :

  1. Giving social care staff the pay and respect they need. Professional training and proper salaries on par with nursing and other public services.
  2. The levelling up of social care to the NHS. The end of two separate systems, one run by central government and one run by local politicians. 
  3. Improvement of benefits and support for people trying to live independently, including more financial and respite support for carers.

Join us in calling now for a real plan to solve the social care crisis that our community has been living with for years! 

Boris, you promised to fix the Crisis in Social Care once and for all...we are still waiting.

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