Source London need start providing a real service to it's customers NOW!

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Source London Customer Action Group is asking Source London EV Charging.
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Source London need start providing a real service to it's customers NOW!

Source London have a near monopoly for on street EV charging within London and continue to provide a service which is causing severe disruption to its customers.

Ongoing issues include

- Customer support emails and calls going unanswered - leaving people stranded at times.

- Massive Increases charges without any warning to existing customers - leaving some customers paying more than a petrol car would cost.

- Inability to talk to their customers about any issues effecting them - a wall of silence to customers concerns.

We are calling on Source London to up their game significantly starting with : 

1. Explaining to customers why their customer support enquiries are going unanswered?

2. Explaining to customers why these price hikes have been introduced.

3. Taking immediate steps to start  improvements to service and pricing 

If, as expected, Source London continue to ignore customers then we will be escalating our concerns to the local authorities that continue to give Source London spaces on our roads to operate, and look to have them replaced with a new supplier or a new customer owned cooperative. 

About Source London Customer Action Group

We are fed up with Source London and their lack of service to customers.
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