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We need a full return of overseas study rights for UK students.

Since 1987, more than 3.3 million students have benefited from the educational, cultural & linguistic benefits of studying in other countries & languages across the EU. Every year approximately 16,000 UK students were part of this.

Anecdotal evidence from participants show that this is almost always a life changing experience giving people a broader perspective on the world and leading to them interacting with groups they would often not come into contact with otherwise.

These rights were abruptly ceased in 2020 and replaced with a scheme that now only the wealthiest will be able to  participate in.

Didn’t people vote for this in the referendum?


ERASMUS has nothing to  do with membership of the EU. Indeed, the UK govt guaranteed our continuation in early 2020 only to do a complete u-turn at the end of the year.

Even if the 2016 vote had been about ERASMUS, nobody currently under the age of 24 was given any say in the matter and these are the people that have had their rights to a full education taken away.

Can we return to ERASMUS without rejoining the EU?


Please see our video for a full explanation. The ERASMUS programme involves many countries not in the EU and is fully open to UK membership should we choose.

We need to put pressure on the UK government to act on this issue. Already two full academic years of students have lost this right forever. Let’s act before more opportunities are lost for others.

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