Stop the government turning away small boats of migrants

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BARAC UK is asking PM Boris Johnson , UN Special Rapporteur for Human Rights
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Stop the government turning away small  boats  of migrants

Campaign Victory! Government officially withdraws pushback of small boats policy . Thank you

Dear Supporter 

I am very pleased to let you know that we have a victory in this campaign and our  campaigning has resulted in the government doing a u-turn on their inhumane and  illegal push-back of small boats of refugees  into the English Channel sea.

It is through  collective action and joint working against this horrendous racist  policy  that we succeeded. Thanks to everyone  for signing this petition, the legal challenges and for taking part in campaigning activities. 

The policy on push-back of small boats was withdrawn days before a judicial review  court hearing was scheduled to take place in the High Court.

The Royal Navy has been given responsibility for Channel operations and the Ministry of Defence has confirmed  in a letter that it has no jurisdiction to push back boats of refugees. This is what we pointed out when we started this petition last Autumn, that it was in breach of International laws. 

Whilst this is a clear victory for all of us who campaigned and kept up pressure on the government to reverse this wicked policy we cannot afford to he complacent in relation to the attack on refugee and migrant communities  as the  racist and draconian  Nationality and Borders bill which we have also been campaigning  against and which has twice been rejected in the House of Lords reaches its final stage.  Also the government  has recently announced a deal to offshore processing of asylum seekers to Rwanda, another inhumane policy, contradicting the Refugee Convention.

So as we celebrate this victory on small boats , the campaign against racist immigration policies continues. 

Thank you for your part in the success of this campaign which has been achieved through people power and collective actions and campaigning. 

Solidarity and Thanks.

Zita Holbourne 

National Chair  and Co-founder BARAC UK 

We have started this petition in opposition to the UK government's policy to turn away small boats of refugees and migrants arriving by sea and the training of Border Force staff to carry out their 'turnaround' policy.

Abuse of Human Rights

We believe that this is an abuse of human rights and it is essential that we challenge it collectively. 

When people are risking their lives and those  of their children to travel across seas in life threatening conditions, where the chances of success are known to be remote,  we must consider the push factors which are causing them to make such a decision. Nobody embarks on such a perilous journey unless they believe what they are fleeing is worse than what they are to face. 75% of those crossing the Channel on small boats are children.

Breach of International Laws

Turning people away from British seas to face an almost certain death and the nullifying of International Maritime law to save those in need at sea Under the 1982 United Nations Convention of the Law of the Sea.

This policy also contravenes International law under the Geneva Convention on the right to seek asylum. Each State must also refrain from actions that would endanger asylum seekers. 

This is a concern for  the whole International community, as it would leave every single one of us unprotected and vulnerable. 

Please support our campaign by signing our petition  today. 

We are a global community and whatever crises affects one country can impact on all of us and Sat negative precedents. We  should not turn our back on any  humanitarian crisis and we ask you to join us in opposing  this inhumane policy and calling on the government to abide by International  and human rights laws. Safeguarding human lives at sea must  take priority over  any other considerations of nationality and migration policies. 

We call on the UK government  to cease their plans to turn away boats and we call on the UN to intervene urgently on the breaches to International human rights .

Please sign this petition  to support these actions and to voice your disapproval for the sentencing of human beings to death, through negligence and a lack of human compassion.

Black Activist Rising Against Cuts (BARAC) UK



We campaign against racism, injustice and austerity and for refugee and migrant rights.
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