Walking and Cycling Route through Alexandra Park, Hastings

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Hastings Greenway Group
Hastings Greenway Group is asking East Sussex County Council
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Walking and Cycling Route through Alexandra Park, Hastings

We the undersigned call on East Sussex County Council to reject the petition that has been
submitted in objection to this important active travel project (which was based on a campaign of
misinformation and scaremongering) and to continue with the route construction when the
reference to the Secretary of State has been resolved.

This route project being taken forward by East Sussex County Council has been through a very long
process of consultation, safety audits, redesign work and delays. It has been approved by the
Hastings Borough Council’s cabinet, by a unanimous vote, and has also been approved by East
Sussex County Council.

It is strongly supported by local groups and organisations that campaign for long overdue
improvements to the cycling and walking infrastructure in Hastings, to encourage active travel, to
reduce the ever-present risks to cyclists of injury and fatalities on the roads and to tackle climate

The route is an essential section of the Hastings Walking and Cycling strategy - core network of
walking and cycling routes agreed by East Sussex County Council and Hastings borough council. It
would be a tragic and retrograde step to abandon the route through Alexandra Park as it would
destroy the integrity of the whole routes network and undermine action to respond to the climate

Hastings Greenway Group

About Hastings Greenway Group

The Hastings Greenway Project is an innovative network of linked almost traffic-free routes, that everyone can enjoy for leisure, amenity and utility walking, as well as cycling.
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