Uphold the Rule of Law

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Uphold the Rule of Law
Joshua Silver

The Met will soon decide on the precise level of Johnson's criminality ...

Thank you so much for signing the petition.  We have now apparently attracted some rather significant attention. 

However, the most important people in this project to uphold the Rule of Law in the UK are you, the people who have the power to contact your family and friends. 

 We have now gone over 2000 signatories.   Would you be prepared to e-mail, text or whatsapp people in your own circle with our message, and ask them all to do the same?   This would give us the significant growth we now need to share this project  more widely, and also with all mainstream media.  It is very clear now that a majority of us would like to see Johnson definitively removed from all power,  but we need also to ensure  that he is required to face British justice for all his wrongdoing.  Without that, as John Major pointed out, there can be no ongoing trust in politics or politicians on all sides.


On 12 January 2022 , UK Prime Minister told Parliament - and thereby the British People - that he had broken the law by attending a party in No 10 Downing Street with a large number of other people on 20 May 2020.

It is a principle of the Rule of Law that nobody is "above" the law , but on the face of it from his actions, Mr Johnson seems to believe that he is above the law.

This campaign aims to uphold the Rule of Law by ensuring that Mr Johnson is now brought to justice. The steps we plan will be to seek legal advice on the most appropriate steps to follow to ensure that Mr Johnson is treated in the same way as others who broke laws which were brought in to protect us, and then follow that advice. 

One possibility seems to be for all UK citizens who are so inclined to privately prosecute Mr Johnson for his law breaking , so we will seek advice on that way forward.

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This campaign is being run by Joshua Silver.
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