ActionStorm is the campaigning tool for those who want to build movements, not just collect signatures.

The team behind ActionStorm have worked on thousands of campaigns, spanning charity, social enterprise, social justice and activism, and have helped raise millions of pounds for the organisations behind them.

“We are tired of being asked to do the bare minimum for the causes we care about”

- Dan Pallotta, from a TED talk entitled 'The way we think about charity is dead wrong'

We know change is messy. It requires more than just signatures on a piece of paper. It requires us to build movements that inspire 1000s of people to take action in pursuit of a common goal.

We had been looking for a great petition tool for the activists we work with to use, but felt let down by each. With other platforms, they either don't allow you to contact your supporters after they've signed, are too expensive, or are too easy to brush aside by those in charge. We couldn't find a single platform that did what we needed it to do... so we built it.

ActionStorm is free to use, you're in control of your data, you can ask supporters to take further action and it's directly integrated into fundraising for your organisation. You can start a campaign and go live in minutes.

We're entirely funded by the fundraising we do for other organisations. So all we ask is that if you're looking to do some fundraising alongside your campaign, come and talk to us. In most cases, we would love to help.

If you want to know what you can do on ActionStorm then check out our How It Works page.


The Old Church, Quicks Road, Wimbledon, London, SW19 1EX.

Supported by an incredible team.

Phil Geraghty, Founder and CEO

Phil Geraghty

Founder and CEO

Phil is best known as the founder of - a platform that has helped 1000's of social good projects and campaigns to collectively raise well over £100m, and is now the UK’s largest crowdfunding platform. His specialisms include crowdfunding, digital marketing and building and scaling tech for good platforms.

Tom Brushwood, Co-Founder

Tom Brushwood


Tom is an experienced graphic designer, entrepreneur and business mentor, specialising in helping social entrepreneurs and activists raise the funds they need to create serious social impact. Tom has helped organisations raise over £6mil since the start of the pandemic.

Dave Barnwell, Head of Tech

Dave Barnwell

Head of Tech

Dave has extensive experience in multiple tech disciplines, architecting and implementing complex applications. He's passionate about working with and developing talented teams to solve real world problems via software.

Katherine Sladden, Advisory Board

Katherine Sladden

Advisory Board

Katherine is a campaigns strategist and leader of high performing teams, at the forefront of some of the biggest and most high profile social justice and women’s rights campaigns in the UK. As founding Campaigns Director at UK, Katherine delivered multiple winning campaigns driving growth for the now world’s largest petition site and biggest activism platform in the UK.

Tony Colville, Advisory Board

Tony Colville

Advisory Board

Tony Colville is a freelance strategic advisor to private individuals (philanthropy) and organisations looking to build their social impact through the development of social businesses, movement building, fundraising and campaigns. Tony previously worked for a number of high profile individuals and organisations who successfully used petition and crowdfunding platforms to deliver measurable change and will support ActionStorm to achieve the same.

Kevin Cahill CBE, Advisory Board

Kevin Cahill CBE

Advisory Board

Kevin has had a long career fundraising and campaigning for social justice to make the world a fairer place. As Chief Executive of Comic Relief for 20 years, Kevin became conversant in leadership, corporate governance, risk and reputation management, brand building, strategic planning and complex programme delivery. Kevin is also a speaker with many tough and inspiring stories to tell.

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