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Create your own petition in minutes with ActionStorm

It’s quick, easy and free to start your own campaign. Whether you have a local, national or international issue to raise, hold the powerful to account and make your voice heard with ActionStorm. Start your petition here:

Start crowdfunding

Start a crowdfunder and raise the funds you need to win your campaign

As an official partner of, the UK’s biggest crowdfunding platform, we work with some of the world’s most successful campaigners to help them raise funds and bring about change. Get in contact with us to start your fundraise:

MP writing

Start a ‘Write to your MP’ campaign for your followers. Currently in private testing, available on request.

Open letter

A public letter that your followers can sign. Currently in private testing, available on request.


Ask your audience for ideas and create a supporter survey. Currently in private testing, available on request.

ActionStorm is the perfect choice of platform for your petition or campaign.

Simple, intuitive and user friendly interface to get your campaign up and running quickly.
100% free - our work as an agency allows us to build these amazing tools and provide them for free. If you’re interested you can work with us here.
Full unrestricted access to your own supporter details
Add fundraising to your campaign easily via Crowdfunder or to your own donation page
High opt-in rates for supporters subscribing to your further marketing email list (52% av.)
High converting campaign pages and social media share rates
Export supporters to CSV, Action Network and NationBuilder
Help with copy, promotion strategy and direct promotion (contact us)

Do you have something more unusual in mind?

If you’re an established campaigning organisation looking for a groundbreaking campaign to get the public, the press and the government onside, we can help you build bespoke campaigning tools that build rapid support for your cause and spread like wildfire.

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